Thursday, March 24, 2011

April 2 - 2011

Featuring -
Rebecca Barnard
Steve Lane & The Autocrats
Owen Ellemor
Barry Peters – Canya Dantz
James Laidler

Where: 11 Manna Lane, Cudgee.
When: Saturday April 2nd, 2011 from 5pm - 10pm.
What: Music, Food and Hanging Out.
RSVP: Please phone: (03) 55676010 or email:
owen(at) if you intend to attend.

Please spread the word! This is a word of mouth event, all welcome.

Cudgee Fest is a local community music event located in the garden at the end of Manna Lane, Cudgee, Victoria Australia. Celebrating songwriters, poets, music, food and just hanging out.

Rebecca Barnard

Rebecca is best known for her band Rebecca's Empire from 1996 to 2000. She has sung with every man and his dog and every woman you can name in Australia. She comes from a pedigree jazz background and still performs jazz when the gigs come up. Her latest solo album “Everlasting” is a treat.
My Space - Rebecca Barnard

Steve Lane & The Autocrats

A five piece indie/rock band from all over Victoria and will be launching their new CD.
My Space - Steve Lane and the Autocrats

Owen Ellemor

The perennial performer, local songwriter, Owen Ellemor, playing his lap steel and guitars will be there again (Cudgee Fest is really an opportunity for Owen to get
a gig without self-promotion)!
My Space - Owen Ellemor

Barry Peters - Canya Dantz

To help celebrate the release of “All My Friends” – the new CD by Canya Dantz, Barry is inviting all families (in fact anyone) attending Cudgee Fest to come to the evening with a dance creation to the final song on the new disk: “O Has A Brother.” Lyrics and an MP3 version of the song are attached. No prizes in this dance off – just lots of fun. Canya Dantz, is an interactive musical experience that is as profound as it is energetic and may soon be listed as a serious childhood addiction.

James Laidler

James is an emerging writer, novelist, spoken word performer and teacher from country Victoria. James' work has been featured throughout Australia on Writer's Radio, ABC Radio National and Melbourne's RRR. James' first novel, the taste of apple, won the IP Picks Award for Best First Book 2010 and was published to glowing reviews last November. James will perform to the music of Don Stewart.


What does it cost and do I need a ticket? If you have the money, a suggested
donation of $10/$15 or so to go towards the travelling artists would go down well. You don’t need a ticket but it would help if you did RSVP.

What about food and drinks? This year we have our local curry master chef
Macchan offering his sensational delights for sale. Compostable plates and forks provided.

BYO drinks.

Will there be an apple bob? As long as there’s apples there’ll be a bob!

Can I camp overnight? You are welcome to camp, just let us know if want to.

Is Indigo selling T-shirts with that cool logo again? Yes

Anything else I need to bring? Bean bags/cushions/seats; money (for musicians, CDs, T-Shirts, food); and, anything good to share.

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